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General Training Conditions

Here is a short list of general training conditions that apply in our training school. They should be considered as recommendations for a successful training. The sole success depend on the owners’ and dogs’ capabilities.

  • The trainings last for 45 – 60 minutes a day.
  • Communication between instructors and dog owners are in Croatian and/or English language. Some commands for dogs can be made in other languages (i.e. German).
  • Hot summer days should be avoided for training. We recommend the trainings during autumn, winter or spring months or early/late summer.
  • The trainings consist of owner education and dog training. The owner should proceed with the training using the knowledge acquired even after our joint training ends.
  • Dog assessment prior to training is considered desired. Although each dog has its own personality and capability to adopt new skills, we reserve the right to refuse the training, even if the dog breed is considered to be suitable for developing a particular skill.
  • It may happen that the dog will at start be afraid of the instructor or not willing to cooperate. This situation can last even for few months. This is not unusual, but it is also not a valid reason to abandon the training or to blame our instructors for bad results.
  • Don’t expect miracles: we consider our proposed minimum training days only as a start. The dogs should be trained on daily basis. We are not responsible for bad results after the first round of the training nor after certain amount of time after the joint training ends.


This is not a definite list of rules. Other conditions may appear during the training process and they will be discussed between the trainers, dog owners and dogs on time.

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